About us

At Franz Jäger it’s all about passion.

Did you know that our products are designed in a small place outside Oslo in Norway? In a quiet environment in Sørumsand we work for our products to be as robust, functional and beautiful as possible! The production of Franz Jäger includes handmade expertise in addition to highly automated processes. Did you know that most Franz Jäger products stops by over 10 different stations in the factory for mounting and controlling? We carefully manage the production from idea to high quality Franz Jäger and we belive that our passion makes the difference.


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Franz Jäger

In the NRK series Exit 3

Franz Jäger

In the movie Olsenbanden – Siste skrik!

Franz Jäger

On Summer tour with Norwegian broadcaster P4 and Nordisk Film

Franz Jäger

In the NRK series Exit 2

Franz Jäger

In the NRK series Exit

Franz Jäger

In the Netflix series Blodtur

Contextual artwork made by visual artist Lars Ø. Ramberg

Part of the artwork, Franz Jäger